IS 026 AUTORITÄR – Discography 1996 – 1998 – tape


914 pressed
1 press 300 pcs – 2000
2 press 311 pcs – 2000
3 press 303 pcs – 2002
printed cover
pro-done tape

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Very well known German crust / grind, compilation of tracks from various splits and compilations.

Reviews :

“This band has never really gotten the recognition they deserve here in the states. And while I don´t think this professionally printed Czech cassette release will really get around much here, it is great to finally have a complete collection of their recordings available somewhere. Simply put, this is some of the best German crustcore you´ll ever hear. I´ve heard them described as grinding hardcore or d-beat, Scandinavian styled hardcore, but they really just mix together all the most aggressive styles of hardcore punk to create a devastating blow-out-your-speakers crustcore medley. With dual vocals, both heavy and gruff, this attack the listener with a barrage a sarcastic remarks and dismal outlooks on the sad state of the world we all live in. So get off your ass and order this, don´t continue to overlook a band that´s this fucking good.”
Slug And Lettuce 69

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