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“we are a band, i guess, and we play political hardcore-punk (or crust punk or d-beat, whatever you like to call it) which means we’re anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-authoritarian and animal friendly. our music has also got some metal influences and we’re a DIY project. that’s about it for now. our first album ‘aftermaths’ is already in the works, so stay tuned…this 3-track-demo is our first output which was recorded D.I.Y. style at our rehearsal room.”
Indoctrinate come from Austria and the text above was taken from their myspace. This is their three track demo tape titled Down and Out, released in December 2010 by Black Thrash Records in 100 copies, “Full colored, 2 sided, pro printed covers. Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, Yellow and Red pro tapes with clear cases. First 30 come with variant tape stickers & b/w paper-sleeves”. Music wise it delivers nearly 10 minutes of hardcore with strong metallic feeling, D-beat parts and shouted vocals . This was recorded in a rehearsal room but despite this the sound is descent, the tape is offered for downloading in their bandcamp page. Black Thrash still has copies of it.

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