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32 song discography including all the studio recordings (1991-1993) of this high speed thrashing Hardcore brigade from the U.K. Take the best elements and impact of the craziest Japanese, American and British fast-core, blend them all together with some breakneck tempo changes and you get an approximate picture of the aggression they were able to deliver. This is so fast and unpredictable that at times it even oozes of an early pioneering attempt of what some US bands of the time were already labelling as Power Violence, e.g. think of Infest, Neanderthal, Crossed Out or No Comment… Here’s a short biography to introduce them more specifically:
“Formed in late 1990 by SORE THROAT vocalist Rich ?Militia? Walker after the spontaneous combustion of both bands he was playing in (SORE THROAT and WARFEAR), WARTORN began with only one aim, to create a mix of Japanese style HC such as GUDON, SYSTEMATIC DEATH and GAUZE and the ultra-fast attack of America?s SIEGE and YOUTH KORPX. Joining him in this new band were long time comrade Ian The Merciless of local 80?s Death Metal legends QUOTHROS on vocals and Dutch lunatic drummer Lennaert Roomer. Early rehearsals also included DISASTER?s guitar player Browny on bass. And with this embryonic line up the band recorded the raw and primitive ?Last among Equals? demo tape on a battered 4 track recorder in early 1991. Pretty soon after Browny moved on to concentrate on DISASTER full time, so the ex-bassist of WARFEAR was brought in and an additional vocalist called Mel. With this line up the band began playing live aiming to make peoples ears bleed in the local scene with their unrelenting high velocity assaults, much to the dismay of the fashion following local peers as WARTORN?s music stood out like a sore thumb in a sea of pretentious Black Flag acolytes. In 1992 the band recorded tracks for the ?Trapped In A tooth gear? Sampler LP and a split EP with Rich & Lennaerts other band NAILBOMB (The original, not the band who stole their name after playing a show with them). As with all bands, the inevitable musical differences cropped up, the bassist was becoming increasingly bewildered by the fast progressing style which just kept on getting faster, and Mel the vocalist just disappeared after one gig never to be seen again. Parting ways with the bass player in late 1992 WARTORN replaced him with Big Jim Rushby (Of IRONSIDE/IRON MONKEY) and began teaching him the tracks for a new EP. Eventually in early 1993 WARTORN entered Fulton St Studios and in three hours laid down 11 brand new songs and a cover of Madball?s ?Get Out?. Further gigging with the likes of Voorhees and Chaos UK followed before the band played their final show in the summer of 1994 before Lennaert and Jim both moved to different parts of the country thus rendering the band inactive only a few months before the second EP ?Banzai? was released on the guitar player of DROPDEAD?s label over a year after it was recorded?”
Housed in a solid gatefold cover including lyrics, photos and flyers.

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