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Twenty years later and they’re still at it! Featuring three quarters of the former members of the U.K.’s original hardcore blasters RIPCORD, VIOLENT ARREST burst forth with twelve brand new rippers, rippling with the same urgency and controlled rage that brought about the original notoriety of these west coast thrashers. Former RIPCORD and SPITE vocalist Steve barks his usual socially aware lyrics, former RIPCORD, HERESY and CAN’T DECIDE guitarist Steve ‘Baz’ Ballam chops his Boston hardcore influenced guitar, former EXCREMENT OF WAR vocalist Leigh brings subtle D-Beat tones to the bass, and former RIPCORD, CAN’T DECIDE and SPITE drummer John cuts a precise thrash behind the kit. The outcome is a razor sharp hardcore assault harkening back to their eighties roots, clocking in at around a minute a song along with a cover of JERRY’S KIDS’ ‘This Is Boston Not L.A.’ contribution ‘Wired’, that along with their name, stands as a glaring example of their influence, VIOLENT ARREST pick the baton up right where they left their classic hardcore lineage! Welly – Artcore Fanzine – 3/12/06

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