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Official repress after 10 years from its original pressing on Rise Above Records. Comes with enhanced artwork on a stunning gatefold sleeve this time. “In The Red” is like a good old red wine… most appreciated as years pass by. Bandcamp

“Unearthly Trance at their best are exactly that. They produce a hellish din, where doom and gloom are always served with repetitive sludge riffs and monotonous Melvins-esque vocals. This record is pretty disgusting, the music is drawn out to a peak and the guitars are tuned low. They bring bands like Burmese, Warhorse, EyeHateGod and at times Electric Wizard to mind, but there seems to be a massive Melvins influence too (their all out heavy stuff).

Unearthly Trance are at their best when the repetitive riffs are built on with high end guitar fuzz. The heaviness has the power to transport your mind to an LSD infected planet outside our solar system.

This was a real grower but basically anyone into heavy sludge rock will probably dig it.”


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