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“The Icebreaker EP is a straight continuation of the lyrical concept of our previous full-length [HTH/LTH]. The four tracks are a full story broken down in four chapters. The opening title, UNDERTAKER is the promise delivered by Lower Than Hell, pulling the listener in depths of hell, where the darkness is beyond all imagination, where greed and the lust for power froze the world around us devoid of love and care. BREATHER is a desperate cry for help broadcasted through a broken radio frequency, a repetitive manifest for those willing to change and having the strength to carry on and stand up against the evils of this world. COLDEATER is the contrast of Breather, depicting the world in it’s rigid reality where superpowers rule the world, feeding themselves from souls frozen. Coldeater introduces the beating hearts of those handful rebels that are willing to take risks and live life to it’s fullest, no matter the circumstances. The title-track, ICEBREAKER is the end of the rebel’s long war, where we come up from under the ice of centuries’ hate and malice and catching our last breath, we start swimming towards the iceberg in hope of a new beginning. Musically, we have been working so long on [HTH/LTH], after numerous delays it finally came out about a year later than originally expected. We wanted to show how our solidified lineup writes together, and Icebreaker is the manifest of that. Can’t wait for this to be out and to start playing shows, especially excited to support Harm’s Way, we’re big fans of their previous records!”Bandacamp

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