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4 song 2012 unreleased session on A side, 2011 demo tape on B side. This band from Birmingham, UK is in league with Pollution, Total Abuse, Void.

Review by Slays for days blog in Australia : “Featuring members of Host (who we’ve featured before) and another UK band named No Reality, Thawed Out play a crusty and fucked up style of noisy hardcore similar to Cult Ritual or Total Abuse. The demo embraces its lo-fi sensibilities, which in turn works hand in hand with the band’s downer punk style. A total of 5 songs, all of which are glazed with feedback and mid-tempo riffs. Lead breaks poke around on the demo, and are as you would expect – unpredictable and eccentric. Still, as ugly as this tries to be, it has an undeniable charm to it, one which will keep you coming back. This is for fans of the noisy hardcore making appearances lately, or simply old fuckheads who haven’t given up on their United Mutation records.


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