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The debut LP from this Oakland, CA based crust band with members from Desobediencia Civil (Mexico), Rahela Ferari (Bosnia) , Tavija (Croatia) & Lesser of Two. This is raw crust with a recording that highlights the crunching guitar sound sound that’s paired with a rumbling onslaught of bass and drums, and shouted/screamed dual male/female vocals. Musically somewhere between between Oakland legends Zero Hour mixed with Antisect with a touch of new crust in the Tragedy and Wolfbrigade style. Comparisons can also be made to Greek crust like Hibernation or Naytia. The lack of polish on the recording also gives it an early 90’s crust feel – like listening to old demos from Apocalypse, Glycine Max or Axegrinder. Includes a booklet with lyrics and art (translations to Spanish and Croation provided) and also important to note, this is a benefit release for political prisoners c/o CA Anarchist prisoner support. Info from

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