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After “Market Yourself” (2004) and “Attack” (2007), SEE YOU IN HELL
from Brno, Czech Republic, come up with their third 12“ LP, full with
8 tracks of raw and furious hardcore/punk with massive gang-choruses –
perhaps the most straightforward material the band has offered during
the 13 years of their career, but this is left to the listeners to

Recorded at Hellsound studio in Čestice, Czech Republic, choruses
screamed out by Iny (GRIDE) and Zrout (LAHAR), cover painted by Wes
Samples, and sound mastered by Jack Control at his Enormous Door cave.

150 copies come out as a limited hand-numbered pressing, packed in a
cardboard box with silk-screen print, containing a coloured vinyl,
DVDr from SEE YOU IN HELL’s Japanese tour in 2010, sticker and button.
Both regular and limited copies feature a coloured OBI strip.

Listen to the complete album at

Released in joint effort by Insane Society Records and Voltage Records.

“Finally I was lucky enough to get slid a copy of the new SEE YOU IN HELL LP (Jed) and holy fucking shit this is easily their best work ever. I will cop to having found this band to be hit-or-miss in the past, as the sngwriting did not always live up to their epic Japanese hardcore-influenced ambitions, but every song on this thing is an absolute ripper, executed with the kind of casual precision that any band would be envious of. There are all kinds of clever melodic hooks to hang your hat on alongside fantastic fist-banging driving riffs, daringly executed build-ups and some of the best gang choruses this side of Tokyo. Of course its fucking great to hear the style sung in Czech instead of English or Japanese for a change. I cant emphasize enough how fucking great this record is, and it feels like its over in a heartbeat with eight songs flying by at 45 rpm. Its no coincidence that the color scheme of this album recalls DEATH SIDEs “Bet On Possibility” LP, and frankly this is a more than worthy descendant of that classic. You need this! (AU)”

Andrew Underwood / Maximumrocknroll 359

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