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Dread 101 – well known Czech metallic crustcore. Six new songs plus two re-recorded from debut demo. New matterial is faster and more punk. Social Insecurity – energetic crust / punk with Beergut 100 and Happy Spastics members from Scotland. 8 songs somewhere between swedish and british ´82 school. Released with nice gatefold cover.

Reviews :

“The Czech republic´s Dread 101 kick out some powerful metallic crustcore! This stuff sounds a little more Swedish influenced then the earlier material, which is fine by me. Fucking well done for sure! Here they are paired up with Scotland´s Social Insecurity, who belt out some 80´s style hardcore punk that stays in line with fast Scotish hc but adds a little crust flavor. The Cimex reaper image backdrop that´s shown here in a few of their collage images also helps give an idea where they are coming from. Also worth nothing, this LP comes in a slick gatefold sleeve with a printed record slipcover.”
Slug and Lettuce 72

“Gatefold Black and white sleeve, inside a collage of the bands and their mates, a good start! Edinburgh´s SOCIAL INSECURITY kick off with UK 82 EXPLOITED / DISCHARGE style simple driving punk with pissed of lyrics about how fucked the world is, it´s nothing new to me but it´s well done, and a million times better than some of the rubbish people try and pass off as “hardcore” these days. The DREAD 101 artwork looks like a WOLFPACK record, they have that relentless d-beat style and dual guitar attack down musically with searing DISCHARGE leads in effect. (production wise too) their lyrics are pissed off tirades on “Survival under the system”, excellent vocals too, Czech sounds pure radge man. A great quote from the song “Read or die” : “So open your eyes and don´t just nod your head all the time!” – yeah! Armadillo eaven.”
Reason to Believe

“Dread 101 attack with eight songs of crusty punk fury. The songs are thick and distorted, with a lot of aggression in each. This band could just as easily be from Sweden as from the Czech republic. Their lyrics slash into society with harsh criticism and an unforgiving tone. Dread 101 has come to fuck your shit up and straighten your shit out. Social Insecurity plays punk based on an old standard. It is full of rebellion and ready to be the soundtrack for the circle pit. Get wasted, scream about the problems, and hope that release gives you the strenght to go on another day. Their lyrics are short jabs at the evil they see around them. Most of them point out an issue and tell you that it sucks and /or that they think it is shit. Pretty standard stuff in that respect. Their sound is thinner than Dread 101´s, which is unfortunate only because they play a style that really lends itself to the weight.”

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