HOLOKAUST – Into the Void of Oblivion – LP


d-beat / crust

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After an excellent debut 7″ and several strong split releases, Southern California’s Holokaust offer one of the better ‘D-beat’ style records in recent memory. As can be expected, downbeat crustcore takes center stage here, but there is also a knack for abrasive melody this time around, incorporating elements of both early USHC and a UK82 ‘hard punk’ vibe into the band’s Discharge-inspired pummel. This results in a more diverse sound, one that noticeably strays from the standard ‘Dis’-band cookie-cutter schematic . The quality of the recording itself is quite good, enhancing the war-torn ranting and grim atmospherics throughout. Fans of the band’s past material, or of good DIY hardcore in general, will enjoy this. Myspace

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