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After recording delays, re-recordings, art delays, re-drawings, re-masterings, and then the inevitable pressing plant delays, summing to multiple years of process, we are extremely proud, pleased, and relieved to finally present this split record between two bands that both love noise, cute cartoon characters, and the KLF/Extreme Noise Terror 7”.

Exit Hippies is one of the most exciting raw punk bands around, carving out a totally unique scene and style of punk that knows no bounds and no fears, making punk music as they see fit, without compromise to style or expectation. Their material here is possibly their most brutal and harsh recordings yet, in the style that they are known and loved for. Absolute shit-fi unlistenable garbage Extreme Noise Terror/Sore Throat worship mixed with lo-fi minimalist acid/house techno. This recording contains some new songs (including a slow mosh jammer that I think if the first slow song they’ve ever written?), some old songs re-recorded (like usual), and all songs that make us grin from ear to ear and feel like life is still worth living.

Lotus Fucker produces their most claustrophobic, paranoid, and anxious material yet in their standard “noise hardcore” style, fueled by sleep deprivation, lack of sunlight, and poor dietary decisions. We will never be defined by others. Noise forever. Features artwork by Izak.

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