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We have now entered the final form of Exit Hippies’ evolution. Their transformation, from crust to dance, is complete. Rejoice, get jiggy with it, or just leave the hall.

Exit Hippies began as a band that loved crust punk and dance music in equal parts. Their mix of shit-fi Extreme Noise Terror/Sore Throat worship with lo-fi acid house techno is legendary, and changed my life forever. Over their long discography, they have made a lot of brutal crustcore records, with varying amounts of techno interlaced throughout them.

In their final form, Exit Hippies has truly fused crust and dance into a hybrid form of music that’s unlike anything else I’m familiar with. No longer content to just have “punk” and “dance” rubbing shoulders, they’ve brought these styles together to produce an uncompromising, defiant mutant offspring that defies categorization. Imagine Underground Resistance fronted by Dean Jones, remixing Confuse songs. Maybe “Police Bastard” as performed by Model 500. If A Band Called Flash is playing “heavy heavy future funk”, this is “noise noise dystopia funk”.

On second thought, don’t even try to understand, just dance it out.

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