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The idea of the split came during both bands co-headlining west coast US tour early 2008 and was released in Japan on CD when both band toured Japan together last year. The vinyl version will finally see the light of day early January. Drain the Sky formed during September 2005, in Oakland, CA. Memphis and Bay Area hardcore/punk veterans collaborate to create visceral, atmospheric, threatening music that seeks to collapse (musical and other) boundaries. It features Carl Auge (His Hero Is Gone, Dimlaia) on Bass. Birushanah is an experimental sludge/doom metal band from Osaka, Japan. As well as traditional Japanese music – which is a notable aspect of their sound – the band cites Neurosis, Swans, Zeni Geva, and Corrupted (whom bassist Sougyo previously performed with) as influences. Birushanah has lots of plans for 2011 such as Japan tours with Karysun, then Monarch, European Tour in April, and then a east cost US short trip. Birushanah shows are definitely a musical experience that you have to live if they play a town near you. Bandcamp

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