DOES IT HURT? – compilation LP

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hardcore / fastcore

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It took a few years to put this together and finally it´s ready to rock. 7 international more or less known bands deliver 21 songs of pure manic old school Hardcore Punk “raging from start to finnish”. Friends of the “No Slow all Go” brigade will be pleased with the line up: SOTATILA (Aut/Fin-3 songs), DUMBSTRUCK (UK-4 songs), CHARLIE (It-3 songs), RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA (Aut-4 songs), YELLOW EYES (US-3 songs), NO SLOGAN (US-2 songs) and NARSAAK (Ger-2 songs). This compilation won´t win any price for the layout and package but for the audio content…fucking get it now!

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