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Forged within the Do It Yourself and hard work ethos, Atlanta’s DEAD REGISTER have accomplished a never-before dreamt blend of Dead Can Dance, Godflesh, Swans, Isis and Fields Of The Nephilim. Yet managing to sound unique and sublime, a delicatessen craft of their own.

9 / 10 “The album is sonically consistent throughout and doesn’t pull out very many surprises. But Dead Register‘s sound is so unique and immersive that it really doesn’t matter. Their monstrous, dreary yet simultaneously beautiful compositions could freeze entire landscapes with their icy atmospheres and decimate them with their tremendous low-end. Fiber is a 44-minute powerhouse that proves to be one of the more interesting releases to be unleashed this year so far. Don’t miss out on all the gloomy goodness.”

“From its first moments, Fiber is a leviathan of monolithic, doom infused temptation sparking and feeding off the imagination. It manages to be imposing, bordering portentous, but with an infectious virulence and emotively melodic character of sound which does not so much temper its dark side but blossoms in its embrace.
Fiber is dark magic, emotional trespassing, and quite wonderful.”

5 / 5 “Difficult to describe, Dead Register’s sound is gloomy and dark. It showcases how a bass should be played, and it is unlike anything receiving airplay at this moment. If there is one thing this review cannot stress enough, it’s to buy this album and treat yourself to something truly unique.”

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