CRIPPLE BASTARDS – The outside world BOXSET (5xLP,2xCD,2xbooks!)


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Italy’s undisputed Grindcore warheads enter their 30th year anniversary with the most massive BOXSET ever released in the history of Grind. 5 x LPs, 2 x CDs, 2 x books! All their countless 7″s, splits, compilation tracks and a lot of never heard before recordings… 362 SONGS IN TOTAL! This is the ultimate CRIPPLE BASTARDS collection as it includes every single non album track the band has recorded since their post-demos era, plus almost 2 hours of unreleased brutality including a recently unearthed studio session 2003, rare demos, live tracks and a lot more. Be prepared for over 5 hours of ear-damaging violence ranging from the early short-song Noisecore annihilation to the insanely distorted Punk rooted Grind/Fastcore of their 90s EPs to the bulldozing Hate/Grind blast-feast of the most recent works. All this madness manically transfered from the original reels/master-tapes and mastered with extreme care and passion at Toxic Basement Studios with constant supervision of Giulio The Bastard. Each LP comes with a foldout insert collecting the original artworks, inserts and flyers of each EP included. Book #1 features tons of rare pictures documenting the history of the band from the early days up to recent times, while Book#2 has the complete lyrics of the songs included in the tracklists + extra photos. All this housed in a deluxe matt laminated casewrapped box… a head smashing brick weighing around 2,5 Kgs!! 

LP 1 (1992-1993) 

Side A: 
– Split 7″ with VIOLENT HEADACHE 
– Extra tracks from the same session 
– Split 7″ with W.B.I. 
– Extra tracks from the same session 
Side B: 
– “Life’s built on thoughts” 7″EP 
– Split 7″ with PATARENI 
– PATARENI covers recorded at Michele’s studio (unreleased) 

LP 2 (1993-1994) 

Side A: 
– Split 7″ with PSYCHOTIC NOISE 
– Extra session at Michele’s studio 
– Song from “Use your voice vol. 1” Compilation 
– Song from “Mit Mir Ist Nicht Zu Rechnen” Comp. 7″ 
Side B: 
– Split 7″ with SOCIAL GENOCIDE 
– PATARENI covers from “Obrade” Comp. LP/CD 
– AGATHOCLES cover from “Kill Your Idols” Comp. CD 
– “Frammenti di vita” 7″ 

LP 3 (1994-1997) 

Side A: 
– Split 7″ with CARCASS GRINDER 
– Split 7″ with PR?PARATION-H 
– Split 7″ with P.E.L.M.E. 
– H?SKER D? covers from “Land Speed Sonic” Comp. CD 
Side B: 
– 5 studio tracks with GTB on drums 
– “Massacrecore” Live 7″ 
– Extra live tracks from Split 10″ with PATARENI 

LP 4 (1997-2000) 

Side A: 
– Split 7″ with I.R.F. 
– Split 7″ with WORLD 
– Extra tracks from the same session 
– Split 7″ with DENAK (unreleased) 
Side B: 
– Split 7″ with CORRUPTED 
– “Il grande silenzio” 7″ 
– Split 7″ with COMRADES 

LP 5 (2000-2012) 

Side A: 
– 3 unreleased studio tracks 2003 
– Split 6″ with LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER 
– Split 7″ with REGURGITATE 
– Demo for Split 7″ with REGURGITATE (unreleased) 
Side B: 
– “Senza impronte” 7″ 
– Extra track from “Slimewave” Comp. CD 
– Split 7″ with EYEHATEGOD 

CD1 (1992-2000) 

– Discarded Demo 1992 (unreleased) 
– 2 songs with drum machine 
– Out takes from “Life’s built on thoughts” 7″ (unreleased) 
– Live at El Paso, Torino 3/12/1994 (Split 10″ with CAPITALIST CASUALTIES) 
– Terveet K?det cover 
– GTB with IMPACT: “La vostra violenza” 
– 3 unreleased songs with 2 piece line-up in 1996 
– Out takes from Demo 2000 (unreleased) 

CD2 (2006) 

– “Variante alla morte” Demo (2006) 
– Live at Obscene Extreme Fest 2006

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