COLLISION – A Healthy Dose of Death – LP


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Thrash, hardcore, grindcore… crossover reborn in the 21st century!

Collision definitely have developed over the years, where the intense grindcore of their star ting years was later on injected with a humongous dose of thrash and humour, a sound they now have perfected with their new album “A Healthy Dose of Death”.

These days their thrashcore set in fifth gear speed is so damn energetic it calls for a mosh pit just to honour it and we are damn sure that this will happen if you witness their unrelenting power in a live setting! Riff-wise (check the unmatched speed in picking the chords) they’ve got it nailed with plenty of catchy and slick material, just as the loads of tempo changes keeps it interesting and varied, and keeps the listener on his/her edge.

The dual vocals works utterly well, and you’ve got all you could possibly ask for in thrashing grind/hardcore (funcore if anyone remembers that name?) right here in Collision. And they’ve definitely taken their thrashcore influence to the max here! Take old school crossover as performed by D.R.I., Wehrmacht, Cryptic Slaughter, add some 21st century intensity (and end up a bit in the vein of Municipal Waste) and add a healthy dose of Slayer, then cram it into the ever-blasting blender of grindcore… but with a sense of humour!

So if you’re a thrash metal-lad (or gal for that matter) with a place in your heart for hardcore and a love for fast music: look no further!

Artwork by the legendary Luis Sendon (o.a. Obscene Extreme, Macabre, Brutal Truth, Paul Di’Anno, Nashgul)! 

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