CHAIN REACTION – Rottura Totale – LP


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One of the most obscure and sought-after gems of the whole Italian Hardcore era, the Chain Reaction first and only 7″ “Gabbie” remains unequalled in terms of rawness and unpolished rage, making the band’s “cult” status grow worldwide over the years among the ‘extreme’ punk collectors. Based in the little town of Bari, deep in the south of Italy and far from the more developed and aware punk communities of the northern cities, Chain Reaction are pure, unaffected 80’s hardcore punk played by a bunch of outcasts with no future whatsoever. This full length, remastered reissue is a must-have piece of punk history, and features the complete original 7″ along with a bunch of unreleased, lost tracks which were recently re-recorded by the original line-up after 22 years of hiatus.

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