MORTE LENTA – If Noisecore is Dead​.​.​.​We Are Zombies – EP



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Morte Lenta left a deep impression on me when they hosted Sete Star Sept and Lotus Fucker in Fortaleza Brazil. Their understanding and dedication to noisecore is peerless. Their live show is brimming with energy and attitude. Their hospitality will be remembered for the rest of my life. After a slew of demos and split tapes and CD-Rs, it’s my great honor to present their first full vinyl release, ready in time for their tour of Sao Paulo state and appearance at Sao Caos Fest 2017.

Direct from Danger Beach in northern Brazil, Morte Lenta play a simple and unadulterated style of noisecore that is timeless and classic. Just some dudes playing as fast and as hard as they can with no regard to some poser bullshit like “songs” or some capitalist propaganda like “music”. They grew up on New York Against the Belzebu, came of age on CSMD and Napalm Death is Dead, and are the bright stars ahead in the future of Brazilian noisecore.

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