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JUDGEMENT “JUST BE” was originally released as a CD- Only EP by Tokyo’s HG FACT label in 2001. This was the debut release of the Tokyo bands final line up Comprised of Japanese legends Guitarist ZIGYAKU ( GUDON, HALF YEARS,  BASTARD),  Drummer MUKAI ( CHICKEN BOWELS, DEATHSIDE) and then-new members singer JHA JHA ( LIPCREAM) and bassist SAKURA. Combining the best elements of the band’s previous works with an upbeat spirit, high energy drumming and incredible guitar riffs, “JUST BE” ‘s is another landmark in the band’s impressive catalog of now classic 7” ep’s dating back to the band’s origins in the mid 1990’s. This is the first time these four tracks appear on vinyl. Split release with HG FACT released for JUDGEMENT’s recent US performance at Austin’s CHAOS IN TEJAS Festival. 

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