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Split of two Czech well known bands. MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS classic crustcore in scandinavian way and puted here one long song with all saying name – Eternal Winter. SEE YOU IN HELL have on their side three songs – they continue in the vein of their last album – raw HC/punk influenced by japanese hardcore school. Coming in cooperation of 17 labels in 2000 copies. Limited orange vinyl for mail orders.

Reviews :

“Two Czech bands sharing space on this piece of vinyl, and what bands they are! See You In Hell have been a personal favorite of mine for quite some time now, and if you’ve ever heard them I know you understand why. Killer hardcore with lots of memorable songwriting. Their blend of charging, Japan influenced, crustcore mixed with the somewhat rocking guitar riffs are together creating a very thick, powerful, and varied sound. I think few bands manage to do this as good as See You In Hell today. There are of course several great bands doing similar styles, but not all manage to capture what this band does. It’s a fucking wall of hardcore coming at you! My biggest fear now is that the band calls it quits and/or that not enough people realize their greatness before it’s too late. Mass Genocide Process isn’t behaving exactly like we’re used to on their side. Normally they crank out a loud Scandinavian influenced faster crustcore spread out over a few tracks, but on this split they only present one tune. It’s a longer one entitled “Eternal winter” and it’s much slower and more regular crust than their earlier material. And even if it doesn’t differ that much and they pretty much always release quality stuff, I think it’s nice to see that they bring some variety into their music. At times the speed goes up even in this one though and in the end the result is more Hellshock than Amebix. Conclusion: it’s criminal not to check this out!”


Krogh, ATTACK zine on-line

“Three more powerful and furious crust songs from SEE YOU IN HELL. This continues with the same driving and full throttle crust as their recent „Umet Se Prodat“ 12“. Fucking raging stuff from start to finish. Lyrics are really well written with a strong political emphasis. MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS play heavy Scandi influenced crust similar to SKITSYSTEM and WOLFBRIGADE. Only one track on this but it’s a fucking classic, really dark and heavy metallic crust with equally dark lyrics. This is a really impressive split EP from these two Czech Republic bands, released in the spirit of the international DIY conspiracy by seventeen DIY labels. First 500 copies on two colour orange vinyl!”
Chris, AGITATE zine issue 6


“This one is for all you crusties out there. Two bands hailing from Czech Republic and they both unleash a crust war on your unsuspecting ears. MASSGENOCIDE PROCESS starts off with a slow, metallic intro and then things speed up nicely, but those metal riffs stand strong throughout their song. SEE YOU IN HELL, who is more straightforward and upbeat in delivery, still manages to whip through three songs of fast and energetic punk. A solid split throughout. Be sure to watch for SEE YOU IN HELL on their European tour this fall.”
Rob Coons/Maximum Rock’n’Roll issue 267

“MASSGENOCIDE PROCESS setzen den Weg, den sie mit ihrer 03er “Massgenocide Process” MCD, der 04er Split 7“ w/COMA, der 05er Split 7“ w/ALAMOGORDO sowie der 05er Split LP w/VISIONS OF WAR {guckst du bei den grossen Scheiben, an der Split 7“ w/DRESCHFLEGEL hapert es bei mir noch…} konsequent fort und von daher darfst du dich auf eine gesunde Portion an im mittleren Tempo dargebotenem, bis auf den Fussboden runtergestimmten, fetten, hoffnungslosen Crustcore mit dem obligatorischen heiseren Gew
ürge gefasst machen. Jaja, „Eternal Winter“, dass ein bisschen nach DOOM trifft sich mit HIATUS klingt, vermag zu überzeugen! SEE YOU IN HELL sind für meineneinen eine der besten Horden aus der Tschechischen Republik und ihre drei Beiträge zu dieser Split 7“ untermauen meine These, den viel besser kann rasanter, kompromissloser, streitsüchtiger Thrashcore inklusive einer grossartigen Vokalakrobatik nicht gespiel werden! Ich verwette meine uralten, kapputen Chucks darauf, dass du diese Hälfte der Medaille rauf und runter dudelst, das heisst, sofern du SEE YOU IN HELLs 02er „Maso jako maso“ 7“, die 03er Split 7“ w/THE PUBLIC, die 04er „Umer se prodat“ 12“ und das 03er „Split kazeta“ Split Tape w/HOMO CONSUMENS {hat jemand die Split 7” w/MINDLOCK?} in dein Herz geschlossen hast! Bei einer Auflage von 2.000 Exemplaren sollte es kein Problem sein dir dieses tolle Projekt zu sichern!!!
/Eye Witness issue 62


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