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Dread 101 is Czech top quality crustcore. If you are into Skitsystem, Meanwhile or Wolfpack you will enjoy it! Fastard – fast grinding hardcore from Scotland. 7 songs in 6 mins. Whole split is dedicated to the memory of Prague´s Ladronka squat, which was evicted in November 2000.

Reviews :

“Czech crusters DREAD 101 are back with another split release. Their style has developed into a near exact match of the currend Swedish style. Actually, this stuff sounds pretty close to a slower version of WOLFBRIGADE and that´s most certainly a complement. Scotland´s FASTARD on the other hand plays , well faster. Overall it´s pretty basic crustcore, but the blast beat speeds put these songs over the top. Also it might be worth mentioning that this split is dedicated to the memory of Ladronka, which was a squat / gig place / community center in Prague till November 2000 (when everyone was evicted).”
Slug and Lettuce 71

“The Devils Coach Horse Beetle (Staphylindae Ocypus olens) is a well distributed, nocturnal species found mainly under stones in woodland, gardens, buildings and hedgerows all over britain. It remains active for most of the year and feeds on other inverterbrates. When disturbed it arches its body and if caught makes a clicking sound. Dread 101 from the Czech Republic make a more fast, furious, crust sound with sincere, pissed off growly vocals. Fastard from Finland (??? B.) are faster, thrashier, and more grind influence with desparate, angst ridden, negative lyrics, dual vocals and good samples.”
Reason to Believe

“Here Dread 101 give us three grasping fast crust trax which remind me Hiatus – really it fucking does, and that is a good thing. They´ve seemed to have dropped the female vocalist this time – hope it ´aint a pernament transaction? Of course they have issues to rant and rave about, human consumption, how war is portrayed in media… Yeah, of course I´ve read the lyrics – in this case translations, as they do not fall into the catagory of wanting to sound english or american. This of course give´s them the classic east European edge. Fastard from Scotland were a bit of a disapointment. Fast punishing manic grind with demonic nihilist vocals and song titles. Like Australia´s Warsore but without the bollocks. Not bad, but nothing to get all excited about. On the other hand, Dread 101´s side will get some serious turntable attention over the next few months…”
Hell and Damnation 11

“Fastard : Scotish grinding extreme hardcore battery with two vocals and some crazy tempo changes presented in 7 pieces. Very interesting lyrics showing what´s inside head of these fucking freaks. Slaughter!!! Dread 101 : Now what we have here is really cool DIS straight from Czech republic. Fuck! It´s been a while since I listen to this kind of noise. Great guitar riffs which could be a little more exposed, but all together work nice. Good record!!! Oh and the 7″ is dedicated to memory of evicted Prague´s squat Ladronka.”
Violence 3

“This record is great. It could make my neighbors move. Fastard side is fast grinding hardcore from Scotland. Dread 101 side is great Czech hardcore. Altogether 10 songs in just a couple of minutes. Very well done. This records is dedicated to Prague´s squat Ladronka.”
Profane Existence 40

“I likes! I likes! Dread 101 are crushing D-beat, much like mid period Doom, maybe even better. The guitar is abrasive and dirty, which is perfect for this style. Fastard live up to their name. While knuckled grind with crezed dual crust vocals. When they´re not thrashing it up, they slow it down to hit hard enough to make your world spin. If you like it fast and brutal you can´t go wrong with this.”

“You´ve probably heard of Scotland´s FASTARD, with their growls and grinds etc, they make old Napalm Death sound fame! Short sharp blasts here. Dread 101 give us some short sharp blasts of grind/crust and they´re from Czech republic. This EP is dedicated to an evicted squat in Czech called Ladronka.”
Ripping Thrash 21

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