IS 030 DISCHORD – Fuck Copyrights EP


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Brazilian angry crustpunk with political lyrics. 5 own tracks + Abuso Sonoro cover.

Reviews :

“Brazilian crust with 5 own tracks plus Abuso Sonoro cover. Reminiscent of Doom at times, from the gruff vocal to the guitar tone and eve down to the “Fuck…” theme. And the image on the cover of a punk (with beeg gut) dropping a bar code into a trashcan is just great. Pick this one up for…”
Slug and Lettuce 69

“Brazilian five piece that cook up 6 tracks of straightforward crustpunk, including an Abuso Sonoro cover. Decent “Dis” influenced punk rock that, sounds very reminiscent to DOOM in places, with some intelligent socio-political lyrics in Portugese and English, discussing scene politics, consumerism, and society. This is worth seeking out. (SH)”
Reason to Believe 3

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