IS 027 DREAD 101 – s/t – EP


500 pressed
black vinyl

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Czech crustcore, ex Lies And Distrust. 7 hits from demo on vinyl, nice cover with poster. If you are into Excrement of War, Lies And Distrust and Bolt Thrower you will enjoy it!!!

Reviews :

“Intense thrashing hardcore powered by a metallic edge and a heavy driving power. Crossing the boundaries of crust and thrash. The dual vocals are super gruff and deep with the occasional super guttural snarl. They incorporate plenty of variety in tempo, speed and style. Keeping a steady 1- 2 punk tempo throughout most of it, with some Dis-styled guitars, always tinget with a metallic edge, and ocasionally breaking into a powered thrash-assault. Good solid shit.”
Slug And Lettuce 69

“Horsemen of the Apocalypse kinda cover folds out into a poster like the old CRASS records, the music? – it´s crust all the way, straight down the line like old HIATUS, DOOM, STATE OF FEAR and a million old Swedish bands. To the point lyrics in Czech and English concerning “progress”, the media, religion, the revolution of the mind, and the song “Read or Die” is so spot on! (SN)”
Reason to Believe 3

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