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GO! is a positive New York Hardcore band originally from 1989 to 1991 period. Among the bands like LIFE’S BLOOD, BORN AGAINST or CITIZENS ARREST they were integral part of DIY side of NYHC scene in those days. They were known from their fast, short and positive HC songs with lyrics focused on personal/political issues, caring about social and environmental awareness, confronting anti- racism, sexism, homophobia, violence at shows in their lyrics and supportive to all-ages shows, equality for women, equal rights and respect for gay and lesbian people, essentially having respect for other people in general. Back then they managed to release a couple of great 7″s and discography lp/cd, did US and european tour . Last year they’re came back after years with “Reactive” 7″ keeping their values and sounds from the past to present. “What we build together” 7″ is a brand new release contains 9 songs (including two new versions of their old song “You’ll say you’ll”, this time in German and Hebrew versions). There’s three limited versions out of the first press available on black, orange and yellow vinyls, so ask for details. “What we build together” 7″ is a co-release between Refuse Records, Go! and Stress To Death Records from Italy.  Myspace   

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