FINAL MASSAKRE – The Bells of Hell Toll the Final Chime EP


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Six track 7″ of PDX “Full Metal Jacket D-Beat Raw Punk” from 1999 released by Tribal War Records. I think Frank/ATROCIOUS MADNESS was in this band (I remember hearing/reading this before somewhere plus it has the same P.O. Box that ATROCIOUS MADNESS used and LEBENDEN TOTEN currently uses) but not sure to what extent. Vocals sound a little similar to ATROCIOUS MADNESS but who knows…. someone please fill me in as to who does what in this band as there are no members listed anywhere on the cover or lyric sheet. As good as any of the other PDX stuff like MASSKONTROLL, BOMB HEAVEN, or BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS so you should already know whether you’ll dig this or not. I like how they named a song “Probability of Deaths Construction” after DISCHARGE’s “Possibility of Life’s Destruction”…. They also had a split 7” with DECONTROL.

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