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“This final three-track, limited EP from this Philadelphia band refines where their previous 2004 LP left off. Delivering the speed with more precision and adding scathing female vocals as the dominant vocals that trade off with the LP’s harsh male vocals, but this outing is set in an all around grimier and darker tone. This is partly from the recording, which, at times, seems at odds in trying to contain the fury. Where the LP could be described as ‘metal influenced hardcore,’ the metallic influences here are more incorporated into the totality of the guitar-riff blasting and squeal out as intricate bridges and curt solos. Similar to The Awakening, Memento Mori, or other bands that connect the various points between metal, the From Ashes Rise/Tragedy crust sound, and Japanese hardcore. A great exclamation point ending to a fine band that’s worth getting into.” –MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL

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