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‘The A.B.C.’s of Noisecore’

Cunts are two drunken maniacs from Tokyo that play real rock and roll. After a slew of hyper-rare CD-R and cassette demos and splits, Cunts find their way onto vinyl for the first time. Total legends, hyper-obscure scum music for actual freaks and geeks. You never knew just drums and vocals could be so punishingly brutal and intense. In the hands of Ucchy, one of the great artists of our time, anything is possible.

Anal Butt are a spread of incompetent losers and damaged personalities from Baltimore that, together, are the actual worst band in history. After a couple cassette demos and splits that are hyper-obscure because nobody cared at all, Ucchy asked us to do a split, and we set about doing the best we could for it. Caveman noisecore for those that appreciate the finer things in life. Featuring Baltimore legendary dude Danny from Anal Butt.

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