CHAOSCHANNEL – (Magic Bullet) That Works to Feed the Pig – EP


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You probably remember Chaos CH from their two classic 7″s on Overthrow Records, displaying a clear mastery of “noise punk” and becoming a textbook example for other bands to copy and take influence from. However, returning as CHAOSCHANNEL, they have moved beyond the boundaries and limitations of that terminology to create a uniquely new style of ‘noise and dance’. And there’s nothing we love more at SPHC than bands with their own unique sense of identity beyond genre exercising and copying.

Chaos Channel – How You’d Never Been So High? (But Then You’d Never Needed To Be?) CD from 2010 is possibly the best noisy punk record of our times, a really fresh and exciting take on a style they already mastered years ago. And this 7″ single continues with these ideas. A meticulous recording of super catchy riffs fit into a bizarre and chaotic sense of songwriting and arrangements, with No. 6’s instantly recognizable vocals belting out lyrics that border between absurd nonsense and high-art genius. Overall a totally unique punk rock experience for pogo and flight.

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