ACID CANNIBALS – Why Not Every Night? – EP


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James McKay has been nicking about the Glasgow music scene for a few years now, where he’s known as the big hairy friendly vegan fella who booked gigs for the Note and now Nice n Sleazy. To the outside world he’s known as the big hairy friendly vegan fella who’s in wild psychers The Cosmic Dead and Discharge un-tribute act Thisclose. To me, he’s just a fuckin cool guy who I think is great and I’m really chuffed that after all this time we’re finally doing something together.

Anyway, enough about me publicly saying I fancy some character who’s better follicly-endowed than Chewbacca. Acid Cannibals is James and Fraser from excellent power violence ragers Droves and they make some of the most full-on, fist-in-the-air, uplifting, ROCK I’ve heard in ages. Like the great Pink Fairies tune, these guys get an idea and before they ruin it by thinking about it, they just DO IT, and the result is some totally exhilarating music charged with positive vibrations that make me wish I wasn’t such a cynical moaning-faced cunt most of the time.

It’s hard to get a touchstone for sound here cos it’s such a glorious mess, but if you dig Motorhead, Venom, the fast Hawkwind songs, the fast Monster Magnet songs, fuzz pedals, stoner rock without the boring bits, vocals with hunners of delay. If you want the proper experience, check these guys out live! Are We Metal? Doesnae matter, pal!

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