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Obscene and extreme, two words that can describe this fest!!! 2 DVD discs full of power, energy and unforgettable live shows of GENERAL SURGERY, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, GRONIBARD, BRODEQUIN, UNCURBED, BUTCHER ABC, ROMPEPROP, LE SCRAWL, GRIDE, SQUASH BOWELS, BLOOD, BIRDFLESH, WASTEFORM, FLESHLESS, SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH, NATRON and many more!!! More cameras and surely closer to your favourite bands!!! Many extras like piercing show of studio HELL.cz, interviews, highlights, stagediver’s manual etc. etc. , almost 6 very extreme hours!!! 2 x DVD 9, System > PAL, Region > 0!!! + EXTREME EXTRAS : Extreme body piercing show of studio HELL Interviews : EXHUMED – Matt Harvey MACABRE – Corporate Death EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Dean Jones OEF´s responses : Col Jones (ex EXHUMED, now CRETIN and REPULSION), Cyjan (DEAD INFECTION), Dennis The Menace (MACABRE), Matt Harvey (EXHUMED, REPULSION), El Cochino (PUNGENT STENCH), ROMPEPROP, BIRDFLESH, GENERAL SURGERY, SUFFERAGE etc.. + special bonus STAGE DIVING MANUAL

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