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Absolutely unique footage of one of the most extraordinary festival of OBSCENE EXTREME, volume 2003, Trutnov, Czech. More than 3,5 hours of live perfomace of bands, which took the part on this extreme freaks meeting you can enjoy again with full power. Two DVD discs are ready to make your player exploding!!! With MACABRE, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, DEAD INFECTION, CENTINEX, OBSCENITY, DESECRATION, DENAK, ISACAARUM, INGROWING, FLESHLESS, N.C.C., INHUME, BILE, INTERNAL SUFFERING, AHUMADO GRANUJO, INHUMATE, DESECRATION, MASTIC SCUM, MALIGNANT TUMOUR and many more!!! 2x DVD 5 – format PAL, all regions!!!

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