CRIPPLE BASTARDS – Blackmails And Assholism – DVD


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The longly awaited CB’s double anthological DVD is ready!!! We’re sorry for the long wait but no underground band has a 6 hour documentary edited like a TV report, it took a monstruous effort (time, money, patience) and a lot of breaks when there were no funds and resources to keep it going. But now it’s done.

An history thru images. The longly awaited documentary on the most controversial Italian band of the times, goin’ deep to the roots of their extremism and insane career. A 6,5 hour collection including :

– their full OBSCENE EXTREME 2003 set with the greatest image/audio quality you can think of.

– A chapter dedicated to their US East Coast tour may 2002 including the notorious ABC NO RIO case, when CB were banned due to the “Almost Human” CD cover and their arrogant behaviour.

– A chapter dedicated to the Western US tour with PHOBIA in October 2003.

– A collection of good quality shows with current line-up.

– A ride thru the early CB years showing video footage from 1988 to 1998 including interviews with The Bastard, The Crippler and Michele Hoffman.

+ reports from the Croatian TV and a lot of rare, lost in the times footage.

– Extra interviews with the current members.

…and even more…if you love these Italian grind stallions, you’re gonna jerk off on this for years!!!

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