THE ABIOTX – Straight to Hell – CD


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Killer punk metal/crossover thrash from Phoenix, USA in the vein of 80’s UK bands like Legion Of Parasites, Anihilated, English Dogs, Concrete Sox! 8 songs, almost 30 minutes, also contains Legion of Parasites cover “Death Watch”. Cover artwork by legendary Ed Repka! Myspace

Originally formed November of 2000 by Alexander Lewis and Nick Wilson. Bored with the bland and over saturated 90’s wave of street punk, The Abiotx sought to take a heavier approach to punk. Playing thrash in the same vein as the more hardcore second wave of punk rock that emerged from the UK in the early 80’s (English Dogs, Broken Bones). Later on growing tiresome of three chord progressions; defining their sound by incorporating influences of New wave of British heavy metal and classic Thrash metal. Rivaled by many second rate street and crust bands, to still reign supreme and proving to be an unrelenting force in Phoenix . All in all making The Abiotx the most ass mutilating, and in your face crossover band in the contemporary hardcore music scene. Also taking part of the revival of American thrash metal.

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