SUBCAOS – The Last Scream of the Chaos Monger – CD


metal / crust

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Punk rockers, this is not what you should buy: this long-running portuguese band starring Sicko of SAVAGE CITY OUTLAWS and NO COUNTS fame will ’cause an earthquake among your most loved records and will make them implode if you play this CD at home!! SUBCAOS play fast hardcore-crust with a strong metal edge who graces itself of a perfect, abrasive production and are back in studio after 13 years of fuckin’ up across the european southwest to tear up a new asshole to the average listener. These 5 originals and PENTAGRAM, KURO and BLACK SABBATH covers are the perfect union of metal and hardcore, and result in a very cool record for all the fans of bands like ANTI CIMEX, DISCHARGE, early ENTOMBED or DISFEAR. The influences are balanced between nasty hardcore and violent metal and will surely nail you to the wall with their crazy rhythms and lethal slow-down parts if you can stand such a sonic assault. I guess they must be crazy live, and I strongly suggest you to get this CD since its bastard attitude born of two different ways of musical extremism make it top notch. What crust album has an aggro viking berserker on its cover?? Tell me and I’ll put SUBCAOS down.

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