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Recorded in December 1983, Rattus’ self titled LP was originally released in the USA and UK on the legendary Ratcage Records (responsible for introducing such names as the Beastie Boys or Agnostic Front to the world). This helped the band move from leading the hyper-active but very small early 80s Finnish Punk/Hardcore scene to the status of underground cult worldwide, gaining the attention of artists like Pushead (who drew the cover of their following album) or the punk rock bible Maximum Rock’n’Roll. Consisting of older re-recorded songs, along with a bunch of recently-conceived violent blasts, all in their Finnish mother-tongue, this is mandatory in any early Hardcore collection! Raw, distorted and intense as only the Finnish bands could be. Recommended if you also like RIISTETYT, BASTARDS, MELLAKKA, TERVEET KÄDET etc!

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