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It feels inevitable to compare Moderat Likvidation to Mob 47 (not that they sound much alike) since both have made a come-back during the last few years, and not just a reunion tour. It’s always a big gamble coming back after twenty years, but Mob 47 did a marvelous job recreating the same old atmosphere when they released the Dom ljuger igen EP. And after hearing the opening track P.K from Mammutation I was very hopeful. It’s difficult to believe this is the same Fjalle. His voice no longer sounds like a rabid teenager lashing out at society, but as a life-hardened, pissed off working class man who can’t stand the state of the world. And that pretty much sums up the development of the band. They have twenty years more life experience to draw influence from for their anger, and as a whole the sound has matured a lot. The production is cleaner and heavier, the riffing might be a bit more rock-influenced at times (albeit no way near any kind of Motörhead-crustcore) and the musicality has improved. There are a few moments when you get classic Moderat Likvidation vibes, but otherwise it’s not really the same thing. Not in a bad way, it feels like instead of trying to recapture the old atmosphere and reigniting the old flame they’ve accepted that it’s another band today, and are delivering crust as they want it. The atmosphere of Mammutation is still pure Scanian hatred, and as long as you know some Swedish there are tons of moments where you’ll want to shout along. Tracks like Britta, Mammut and the previously mentioned P.K are really killer tunes. And it’s frenetic old school hardcorepunk, all the way through. And if you can just accept the fact that this isn’t the teenagers they were back in the eighties I’m sure you’ll love the album.

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