CRIPPLE BASTARDS – The Age of Vandalism (1987 – 1993) 4x CD


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A deluxe digipack boxset featuring remastered versions of ALL the Cripple Bastards’ tapes released from 1988 to 1993 plus an incredible amount of unreleased tunes drawing the complete history of the Bastards on tape. This will include the four official demos, the split 7” with Violent Headache session (with extra unreleased tracks!), the whole 1988-1991 collection, all side projects, and basically HOURS of unreleased noise including pre-Cripple Bastards thrash from 1986! A jump back to the late 1980s/early 1990s ultra-DIY noisecore spirit made of tape traders, cult labels like TNT & Records and Psychomania, and ear-damaging bands releasing zillions of tracks on terrific lo-fi demos, not giving a damn about studio productions and “I can’t hear the snare”-type pedant asses. 1,036 SONGS IN TOTAL—YOU ARE WARNED!

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