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Lugh, known as Lugh Lámhfada (Lugh of of the Long Arm) was worshipped as a Pagan Sun God by many of the Celtic peoples. Lugh was born of Ethniu, daughter of warlord Balor of the Evil Eye of the Fomorian tribe. Druid’s prophesied that Balor would be slain by his grandson. So out of fear Balor imprisoned his daughter from an early age. When he heard she gave birth to triplets, he ordered them to be drowned. But a Druid called Biróg saved one of the babies, Lugh. She took him to be fostered by the Sea God Manannán mac Lir. Here he grew into a fierce warrior, as well as a master of all other arts. There is a story in Irish mythology of Lugh arriving for the first time at the Hall of Tara. Tara held the ancient seat of power in Ireland. The guard at the door would not grant him access unless he had a skill that was of use to King Nuada of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Lugh told the guard he was smith, wright, craftsman, swordsman, harpist, poet and warrior. The guard told him they already have people with those skills. Lugh then asks if anyone of them has all of those skills together. Lugh was allowed to enter the Hall, where his legendary deeds continued.

At the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh against the Fomorians that King Nuada is killed in battle by Balor. Lugh then fulfils prophecy by facing down the dreaded Balor. Balor’s poisonous eye was such that he needed four men to raise the lid of it and when uncovered its venomous gaze could disable an army. As soon as Lugh saw the eye open he cast a stone from a sling-shot which drove it through to the back of Balor’s head.

In this print Lugh holding the spear of Assal and on his horse Aenbharr who could fare over both land and sea. At his feet is the ‘Fragarach’ sword, the sword of Manannán mac Lir. Behind them is his stronghold, Fort of Lugh at the foot of Errigil mountain.

design by Sean Fitzgerald

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