BANGLE – Celtic Cuff Bird Twist


Width 12 mm. Length 17 cm
hand crafted brass
Irish import

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Product description

Celtic bangle handcrafted on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland. Celtic jewellery handmade in Ireland by Paul Connolly.

Celtic bracelet, a highly polished piece of Celtic jewellery, suitable Irish gift for men or ladies. A quality Celtic cuff.

Detailed Celtic bird design interwoven with bold Celtic knotwork.

Most likely to be herons, one of the few animals that mates for life, represented loyalty and lifelong love.

The heron is noted for intelligence and solitude.

As a Celtic symbol, the heron represents patience, independence and longevity.

A loyalty symbol, a lifelong love symbol, patience symbol, independence symbol and longevity symbol.

The dark contrasting hue of the etched Celtic design compliments the craftsmanship of this Celtic gift from Ireland.

Shaped to give maximum comfort, crafted from 19- gauge brass, virtually indestructible.

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