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Just as Burning Britain provided the definitive picture of straight down the line UK punk from 1980 to 1984 this volume tackles the Anarcho punk scene for the same period. Ian Glasper has caught up with original members of dozens of bands from the period to find out that far from all sharing a similar outlook they were far more diverse than their record sleeves suggested. There are extensive interviews from the scenes bigger bands such as Crass, Conflict and the Subhumans right down to those bands who never quite made it to vinyl but still managed to exert an influence on the movement. 

Bands Featured in The Day The Country Died:

NORTH AND NORTH EAST LONDON: Crass, Flux of Pink Indians, Lack of Knowledge, The Eratics, Look Mummy Clowns, Rubella Ballet, Dirt, Omega Tribe, Rudimentary Peni, Karma Sutra, Dominant Patri, The Apostles, Kronstadt Uprising, The Sinyx. 

SOUTH AND SOUTH EAST LONDON: Conflict, AYS, Liberty, Anthrax, Naked, Riot Clone, Lost Cherrees, Hagar the Womb, Youth In Asia, Flowers In The Dustbin, Blood and Roses, Anathema. 

SOUTH / SOUTH WEST: Subhumans, A Heads, Amebix, The Mob, Null and Void, Thatcher on Acid, Virus, Metro Youth/Sanction, The Waste, Self Abuse, Atrox / Shock To The System, Polemic, Tears of Destruction.

WALES: Icons of Filth, No Choice, Shrapnel, Symbol of Freedom, Classified Protest, Living Legends / Class War.

CENTRAL AND EASTERN ENGLAND: The Cravats, Contempt, The Sears, Indecent Assault, Zounds, The Snipers, Anti-sect, Exit-Stance, Part One, Legion of Parasites, Reality, Disrupters. 

NORTH WEST: The System, War Toys, Anarka and poppy, Andy T. , Untermensch, Psycho Faction.  

NORTH EAST: Blood Robots, Reality Control, Famous Imposters, Chumbawamba, Icon AD, Anti System, Nick Toczek, Kulturkampf, Instigators, D&V. 

IRELAND: Toxic Waste, Stalag 17, Hit Parade.

SCOTLAND: Oi Polloi, Political Asylum, AOA, Alternative

Also features Punk Lives Magazine, Holidays In The Sun punk festivals and punk websites!

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