VIOLENT NOISE ATTACK – Complete deafness 1988/1989 – LP


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Black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
Re-edition (with different sleeve colors) of this cult French Grind/Noisecore hammer originally released on F.O.A.D. in 2015 and sold out very quickly! Total discography of this terrifying unit hailing from France… V.N.A. (Violent Noise Attack) was the side-project of a crew of friends from the late 80ies French scene formed by members of the Thrash band NOMED, Patrick from the highly missed label “Thrash Records” (that released Exit 13, Carbonized, Sorcery, Sentenced, Vital Remains etc) and local HC bands/zine editors. Their debut Demotape “Final execution”, the split 7″ with AGATHOCLES and the song on “1984, the fourth” Comp. LP have been always seen as some of the most intense and devastating expressions of the early short-song Grind/Noisecore era, worshipped by the most deranged noise extremists all over the world. Try to imagine a mix of SORE THROAT, NAPALM DEATH’s b-side of “Scum” and FEAR OF GOD and you get the idea of the brain-drilling mayhem these maniacs were able to deliver, with a studio production that was fairly above the average level of the period. This LP collects all their existing recordings, mastered from sources directly provided and licensed by band members.. 90 SONGS of absolute ear blasting horror! Side A includes their demo (1988), the split 7″ with AGATHOCLES (1989) and a couple of unreleased studio tracks. Side B has all never heard before stuff: a rehearsal, a full live set and even a sound-check! Comes with a 4 page insert featuring liner notes, photos, original artworks and flyers. This record is entirely dedicated to VNA’s members André Lemesle and Patrick Blondeau that both passed away few years ago.. R.I.P.!

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