THE FIGHT – Maldicion – LP


hardcore / punk

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Druhé LP hardcore-punkových The Fight určitě nezklame! S novou deskou přichází lepší zvuk, více doprovodných vokálů a ještě mnohem nakřachlejší zpěv. Paráda! K poslechu zde.

NNNW is happy to announce the release of a long-awaited record from one of the most interesting and more active Polish bands of the last few years. Since 2005 THE FIGHT have consistently followed their own path, combining uncompromising socio-political message with raging punk sound, not being afraid of more melodic parts at the same time. After several european tours, numerous shows in Poland, a demo CD and a 7″ release, the band presents their first full-length. “MALDICION” includes 12 fast, perfectly sounding songs with passionate female vocals. During the four years of its existence The Fight evolved from melodic hardcore/punk towards fierce harcore, sometimes even crusty, sound. Included is a booklet with lyrics raising important and ucnonventional issues, with polish tranlations and commentaries. Bandcamp


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