SO BE IT – An Opera – LP


anti-war opus
ex Siege

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SO BE IT is an anti-war opus in the tradition of CRASS, by the drummer/songwriter of SIEGE, featuring an international cast of vocalists drawn from the dregs of underground music including Guilio(Cripple Bastards), Stoffel (Yacopsae), Jeff Hayward (Grief), Dan Harrington (Fistula), Ami Lawless, and Larry Lifeless. Grind/punk protest at its most uncompromising. This hand-stamped, hand-numbered, first pressing vinyl edition comes to you with a poster/foldout cover reminiscent of the classic ‘Corpus Christie’ label releases. For fans of CRASS, SIEGE, DISCHARGE, GRIEF, THE WHO’s ‘Tommy’, and ‘American Idiot.’

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