REACTORY – Killed By Thrash – LP


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Old school thrash metal z Německa. Video

REACTORY was founded in early 2010 in Berlin/Germany by 4 guys which grew up with original Thrash-Metal many years ago and finally decided to make their own metal band. The idea was to kill posers, pseudo metal idiots, and to create an own sound. And for sure to go on many tours, drink a lot of beer, and present musical aggression. Loud and fast! After starting to write some songs, in late 2010 the first demo was recorded in the practice-room. For the third show the band flight to Barcelona and played there on a festival. This was how they like it. In 2011 the band played a lot of shows throughout Europe. In spring 2012 the EP “Killed by Thrash” was recorded, which was released on some labels (Slaney Records, Weedhunter Records) in different formats. The band is writing new songs for a full-lenght album and will record them in early/mid 2013. This will be the year of REACTORY!!!

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