PLANKS – Solicit to Fall – LP


hardcore / crust

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Podlazený, ponurý hardcore / crust v tradici His Hero Is Gone! Jednostranná deska s gravírováním na B straně. 

Fans of His Hero Is Gone, Unearthly Trance and Neurosis’ gnarlier material should find much to get their teeth into with Planks as they operate within similar parameters – dark, brooding, fierce hardcore with a rusted metallic edge and an epic, yet oddly claustrophobic, quality – without being overtly reminiscent of anyone in particular. It was Jeannie Saiz of the mighty Shroud Eater who first turned me onto these guys last year, so I’ve been familiar with their material for a little while already and it was no real surprise when I heard that Southern Lord was putting this CD out, seeing where Greg’s tastes seem to be lying at the moment.

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