MISERY – The Early Years – LP



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MISERY has always been one of my favorite bands and having my favorite records released on my label is one of those things really hard to describe. For those who are not familiar with Misery, they are a band from Minneapolis that started playing at the end of the Eighties and released many records during all these years without changing their style for the trendier shit or losing their incredible dose of rotting and angry power.

This record compiles their very first releases (except for the “Your Leaders Were Lying!” 7″EP because the band doesn’t like the sound of it), so you’ll find: “Born Fed Slaughtered” 7″, “Blindead” 7″EP, “Children Of War” 7″EP and the two “Split” 7″EP’s with Assrash and Hellspawn. A total amount of 13 tracks for nearly 40 minutes of dirty, pissed and stinky crust punk!

It comes with a 4 page booklet with all the images taken from their original records, lyrics and info.

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