MARKETING – Call To Action – LP


hardcore / punk

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Finnish hardcore has a long and storied history, from the legendary early days to the flourishing scene that it is today. Here is MARKETING throwing in their two cents on their debut album CALL TO ACTION. Formed in Helsinki on May Day 2018 by members of HERO DISHONEST, THE SPLITS and ARMLESS CHILDREN, MARKETING takes something of the old and something of the new, and turns it into an explosive mixture that sounds both familiar and unique.

While no one is certainly re-inventing the wheel here, the band still seem to be able to pull a surprise or two from their sleeve when needed. Fast, angry and political, MARKETING provides a perfect soundtrack for these dark times.

“Call To Action” recorded and mixed by Ville Valavuo (Kohti Tuhoa, Foreseen, Death Toll 80K…) and mastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering (Darkthrone, Poison Idea, Fear, Anti Cimex…)

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