MALICIOUS INTENT – Under the Shine of the Ripping Sickle – LP


old school death / grind

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This is the debut EP of the band Malicious Intent. The band was, in 2015, formed by friends who had intended to perform something between the visceral grindcore and the classic death metal. Drowned in heavy doses of scum, harmony corruption and horrified, UNDER THE SHINE OF THE RIPPING SICKLE presents the band with 13 expressions of hate channeled between cutting riffs and neurotic blasting beats.

With themes that does not shy away from presenting the most sordid and immaculate desires of the filthy human race, listening to this record, you will be transported both to rituals of cannibalism in prison and the absence of life in a body roaming the south wing


Marcio Cambito – Guitarra
Pícaro Merchanda – Vocal and mastermind
André Pinga – Baixo
Mauricio Caio – Bateria

Gravado em 2017 no Cl_Audio estudio, Brasilia – Brasil
Mixado e masterizado no estudio Duna, em São Paulo, por Kexo
Arte por Fernando JFL
Produzido por Malicious Intent

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